Trenches of Reality


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released August 4, 2017

Drums, Guitars and Bass guitar recorded by Jaap van der Klein at Shoelace Studios.
Vocals and additional Guitars recorded by Carsten Drue at Audio Cavern.
All songs mixed and mastered by Jaap van der Klein at Shoelace Productions.
All songs written and performed by Blanket Hill.
Guest Vocals on “Rattenfänger” by Andrew Wilson of Revulsion.
All lyrics written by David Masion.
Intro to “1038” taken from “The Sopranos” Season 3 Episode 12 “Amour Fou”. “The Sopranos” appears courtesy of HBO. No copyright infringement intended.
All artwork and layout by Deer Noir.
Financed partly with the help of the Luxembourg Ministry of Culture/ FoCuNa.

Shoutouts to: our families, our partners and all the homies. Jaap van der Klein, Carsten Drue, Kieran and Negative Reaction Records, Mike and Ride+Hun Music. Jonah Bache aka Deer Noir. Tim, Rosh and the LXBHC. Paul Collier and KJM Bookings. Kirstie Easterbrook and KME. Thoma Forgiarini, Julien Sadeler, Heavy Metal Ewert, Joanne Lieser, Lara Andreolli, Cyrille Hill. The Luxembourg Ministry of Culture/Fonds Culturel National, Wacken Foundation. Stitch Luxembourg, Rocas, Mr. Dixon, Olliewood Skateshop, Les Visages Identiques. Everyone who’s set up a show for us or has let us play and gave us a place to sleep. All the bands we played with.
All the Hardcore kids and Hardcore worldwide.

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BLANKET HILL Luxembourg, Luxembourg


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Track Name: Poetic Justice
back from the boondocks
back with a vengeance
breaking the deadlock
no retreat, no repentance

I'm pulling the plug on every bloodsucker
welcome to hell motherfucker

I'm done with every strife
I owe myself life
I don't care about the scar
I'll cut you out like the tumor you are

I'm pulling the plug on every bloodsucker
karma's a bitch motherfucker

every snake will lose its head
I'm done with all the leeches
treachery will be laid to rest
contentment unleashes

strength through self-confidence
down with the kings of my necropolis
because in every account
what goes around comes around

for every lie that I had to defy
for every blue eye, for every time
that trust was broken, lies were spoken and eyes were swollen
fuck you this is goodbye

this is for the few and far between
that stood by me and saw past the smoke screen
for my father, my brother and mother
for my long lost lover
and for all the good they made me discover
keeping me from going under
to all the rest: get to fuck
time is up, you're outta luck

hypocrisy overturned
no time wasted on bridges burned
I'm pulling the plug on every bloodsucker
here comes the pain motherfucker

justice delayed is justice denied
hear the verdict that breaks your pride
you're found in contempt
may you find nothing but torment
Track Name: Rattenfänger
pillars of humanity
left to rot

flags rise to unveil animosity
deep from within us all soars a monstrosity
the foundations of a nation
prey to manipulation

the con man's claim to fame is shifting blame
to hide his own secrets, his biggest aim
millions kept in opression
victims of deception

a statue of skeletons hidden in the closet
a position so inapposite
a war on the weak in the name of profit
the rule of a true sophist

the truth hurts, so why bother?
gearing hate towards one another
erasing the memory of intrinsic responsibilty
obscene display of power where once reigned humility

in the name of righteousness
in the name of all
I speak in decisiveness
your empire will fall

the truth hurts, so why bother?
gearing hate towards the other
lack of responsibilty
display of power, no humility

in the name of righteousness
in the name of all
I speak in decisiveness
your empire will fall
Track Name: Cheating The Gallows
the devil and I are like leather and lace
locked in an embrace with my deepest fears
my neck is a comfortable place
just ask death, it's been sitting there for years

afraid of what's beyond
I see red flags
I'm trapped by a bond

time's running fast, panic setting in
do I have to account for my every sin?
I'm scared of breathing fast
because every breath brings me closer to my last

resisting what's beyond
tearing down my black flag
I want to break this bond

truth lies in the eye of the beholder
and I got death looking over my shoulder
what can't be cured must be endured
but I'll go out on top, rest assured

I love myself and I hate myself and everything in between
I feel close to paradise with my head locked tight in a guillotine
see the noose that I'm untying
be free or die trying
struggling to be who I want to be
I'm under fire in the trenches of reality

half full half empty
I don't care, I'll find my remedy

fighting what's beyond
no white flags
I will break this bond

witness the phoenix rise
ashes turn to fire in my eyes
with heart overwhelmed
resurrection of the self
now that the dust has settled
witness my prison's foundation crack
I shook hands with the devil
but I had my fingers crossed behind my back

watch me break my shackles
watch me escape my cell
I've learned from lost battles
now watch me raise hell

I can't and I won't
I'm breaking this bond
defeating what's beyond

truth lies in the eye of the beholder
and I got death looking over my shoulder
what can't be cured must be endured
but I'll go out on top, rest assured
Track Name: 1038
come and slit my throat
there's no antidote
nothing's left
and I'm praying to the deaf

only you could help
come and save me from myself
oh I know I won't get through
I'd rather not be than be without you

all alone and left behind
nothing but you on my mind
full of love, full of fear
I can't breathe when you're not here

full of love, full of fear
all alone and I'd need you here
I embrace the memory
it's all you've left me

I suck up the memory
I live in reverie
after all is done, after all is said
why should I live when you've left me for dead?

I'm numb because of the reefer
forgetting doesn't work either
lost my haven, lost my home
it's always been you and that's set in stone

won't get through
never over you
I suck up the memory
I live in reverie

I miss you every day and every night.
it kills me from the inside
because one thing will always hold true
I've loved you, long before I met you.
and now you're gone and I still do.

tired of feeling
no hope for healing
let the bullet kiss my brain
release me from my pain

kiss me kiss me
save me save me
kiss me kiss me
save me from myself

only you could help
Kill me before I kill myself